Ditec Swing Gate Operator

The swing gates are operated automatically with automation systems able to move wings up to 5 meters wide. Ditec also offers an underground automation system to conceal moving parts and avoid altering the image or style of the gate.


Ditec TS 35

Telescopic solution for wing up to 3.5m


Ditec PWR

For wing up to 5m



For wing up to 2.3m wide or 300 kg


Ditec ARC

For wing up to 5m wide or 500 kg


FAAC Swing Gate Operator

FAAC has a wide range of automatic electric swing gate operators and openers for residential, light commercial, and commercial applications. With a swing gate maximum leaf weight across the range up to 800kg and a maximum leaf length of 7m, we have a solution for every gate automation application and project. Our range includes both 230VAC and 24VDC models for both on-gate and underground swing gate applications.

FAAC 391 24V Swing Gate Operator

FAAC 391

Max width single leaf 2 – 2.5 m 

FAAC 390 24V Swing Gate Operator

FAAC 390

Max width single leaf 1.8 – 3 m 

FAAC 412 230V Swing Gate Operator

FAAC 412

Max width single leaf 1.8m

FAAC402 230V Swing Gate Operator

FAAC 402

Max width single leaf 1.8 – 3 m


CAME Swing Gate Operator

A complete line of automatic swing gate operators, equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, available in different versions, also for special uses or emergency exits. Simple installation with no setup. It is by far the most popular among swing gates. and reliability.



For gate leaves up to 2.5m



For gate leaves up to 2m



For gate leaves up to 5m

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Automatic Swing Gate Operator

Complete Guide to Automatic Swing Gate Operators.

What is a Swing Gate Operator and How Does it Work?

A swing gate operator is a device that opens and closes the gate automatically. It is a motorized system that moves the gate in a swinging motion. It can be used in a wide range of applications, such as industrial plants, warehouses, and other commercial buildings.

How do you troubleshoot an automatic gate opener?

If your gate simply isn't working, it could be due to an electrical outage. Check that the gate is still receiving power. If it is, your remote control may simply need new batteries. If that's not the issue, manually check the door to see if it slides or swings freely or if there's something preventing it from moving.

What Makes an Automatic Swing Gate Operator Unique?

Automatic swing gate operators are unique in that they are relatively easy to operate. This means that they can be used by members of the public without any prior experience. Automatic swing gate motors are also compact, which makes them easy to install. This makes them an ideal choice for areas that are limited in space.

Why Automatic Swing Gate Operator For Your Residential or Commercial Property?

Swing Gate Openers can be an eloquent and graceful style choice for your property whether a residential or a commercial one. The automation of a swing gate also brings comfort, ease, and beauty to the surroundings.