Things you need to know before buying an automatic gate

Choosing a motor for the gate of your home or a business isn’t easy if you’re not an expert. However, we want to make your life easier by telling you what you should know about automatic gates.

What you need to know about your new automatic gate

Let’s start by addressing the most common initial doubts that our customers have when they contact us.

How does an automatic gate work?

An automatic gate is a gate that is operated by an electric motor. They are typically used to control the flow of people and vehicles. They are usually installed at the entrance or exit of a property.

Type of gates

Swing gate: This type of gate consists of two leaves that open by rotating on a fulcrum. Generally, the gates open inwards, but it can change as the characteristics of the gates vary according to the type of ground where they will be installed.

Sliding gate: This type of gate has a movable part that slides on a grid placed horizontally on the ground.

Barrier Gate: These gates are found at the parking sections or toll booths. The gate generally moves upward and downward directions. Mostly used in commercial and industrial properties.

How many types of gate motors are there?

  • Linear motors: they are equipped with the best technology with ball screws, which guarantee the high speed with medium-high power thrust performance.  They are typically used as an alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic systems.
  • Articulated motors: ​they are ideal to automate swing gates even with large pillars. The application behind the column makes the motor almost invisible from the outside of the gate: an excellent solution for those who do not want to damage the outside design.
  • Hydraulic motors:​ they are generally the cheapest in their category but equally robust. They provide excellent performance with a minimum opening time. In orbital hydraulic motors, the rollers are hydrodynamically supported; this reduces friction to a minimum and ensures excellent performance even at high pressures.
  • Underground motors: differ in their sturdiness and discreet appearance making them almost invisible. This type of motor maintains the design of the entrance unchanged and is suitable for all types of gates. This solution is also perfectly suitable for residence gates that require a daily large workload.

What happens in case of power failure?

No problem, each gate is equipped with a special key for manual opening in case of breakage or sudden blackout.

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